Mobile Spreadsheet 2004

Mobile Spreadsheet 2004 2.10.17

Complete spreadsheet app for your PDA

The grid structure of MobiSystems® SpreadSheet can be applied to organize all kinds of information - from simple shopping lists to timetables, databases, sport or game scoring spreadsheets, and mathematical calculations.

  • Ability to create workbooks with multiple worksheets
  • Text, numeric, date and time, currency, and Boolean field types
  • Ability to organize arrays and perform database operations
  • Unlimited number of Undo and Redo operations
  • Cut, copy, paste, and clear a single cell, selection of cells, selection of columns or rows, and even whole spreadsheets
  • Global find of workbooks and local find/replace of cells or text contained in cells
  • Column and row resize
  • Spreadsheet zoom from 25% up to 300%
  • Worksheet sorting
  • Freeze or hide columns and rows
  • Data protection
  • Support of true type fonts and ability to work with multiple fonts, font colors and styles
  • Free font converting utility for Windows

Work with native Microsoft Excel XLS and XML files or the commonly used CSV format right on your Palm device or Smart Phone.

  • View and modify files in the format they are originally created
  • Install XLS, XML and CSV files on memory card
  • Open documents attached to e-mail messages on your Palm handheld
  • Send document to desktop mail recipients
  • Convert text file formats, using the Spreadsheet Save As form

MobiSystems Spreadsheet comes with a completely re-arranged file explorer, allowing you to browse and manage directories and files as if you are working on your desktop PC.

  • Browse, create and delete folders and documents
  • Categorize and organize documents
  • Move files with a single drag and drop operation

Share documents with ease - the program allows you to send documents in several different ways, depending on the capabilities of your Palm PDA

  • Send native Office documents from and to your Palm PDA
  • Beam files
  • Bluetooth support
  • Send files as e-mail attachments, using your default mail client program

Mobile Spreadsheet 2004


Mobile Spreadsheet 2004 2.10.17